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Brian Lewis
CEO and Chief Consultant


Brian Lewis, CEO and Chief Consultant at Associan has worked with Cici Trino and her AOS team on multiple efforts for nearly 20 years—for organizations at the state, national and international levels.

“This includes print and digital publications, advertising, sponsorships, corporate membership programs, integrated marketing programs, and more.

When asked what he sees as the most valuable aspect of working with AOS, Lewis doesn’t miss a beat.

“Experience, integrity, strategy, honesty, and wonderful collaboration. I can’t count the ways AOS has solved a problem for us. It’s not just about money. It’s about building relationships and trust with our members and clients. It’s being able to navigate the varied levels of understanding, and about always focusing on the best interests of the organization. I’d rate AOS A+. Full stop.”

Lewis says there have been many success stories working with AOS.

“But the work we did together at the international nonprofit where I was CEO was probably more complex and involved bigger numbers and significant change management. Cici is a partner who was with us from the beginning, engaged in all levels of planning and execution.”

Barb Shehan
Executive Director

Arizona Landscape Contractors Association

For the past two decades, AOS has collected advertisements for the ArizonaLandscape Contractors’ Association publications including the ALCA Influence magazine, a bi-monthly publication distributed to approximately 1,600 Arizona licensed landscape contractors, ALCA’s Annual Directory and Resource Guide, and the ALCA Pruning Schedule: The First 100 Plants.

“AOS has been a faithful partner throughout the economy’s highs and lows and is very persistent in recruiting advertisers in an industry of procrastinators and keeping in touch with ever-changing personnel,” says Arizona LandscapeContractors Association Executive Director Barb Shehan.

AOS has also been an active ALCA member by supporting the association’sExcellence in Landscaping Awards Gala; participating in the trade show; and volunteering at the golf tournament to raise funds for the ALCA Scholarship program.

“AOS has developed a rapport with the ALCA members who greatly respect them. They are professional, kind and very personable,” says Shehan.

Ron Marcus
Marketing Director

San Diego County Bar Association

The AOS team created and produced the San Diego County Bar Association’s brand new 2023 Director of Experts & Consultants publication and sold all the listings and advertising in the book, which proved to be a big success.“

AOS was professional and a pleasure to work with in every way—from their management of the project to their amazing selling efforts and netting a profit in the first year of producing this publication for the San Diego region,” says San Diego County Bar Association’s Marketing Director Ron Marcus.

“They literally put their money where their mouth is and fully delivered on/or exceeded their promises.”

Marcus says the Association is always looking for new sources of non-dues revenue that provide a bonafide service to its association members.

“AOS delivered a high-quality, useful product that was very well received by the Association’s membership.”

When asked how he would rate AOS’s interaction with the Association’s members/clients, Marcus doesn’t miss a beat.

“Fantastic, given the number of listers and advertisers they got into the book! This book and our very fruitful relationship with AOS—out of the starting gate—are the success story.”

Sally Michael

California Assisted Living Association

“Association Outsource Services has been an essential partner during my time as President of the California Assisted Living Association. CALA has worked with AOS for a number of years with great results. They know associations and understand that our members are more than just customers. We can trust that their professionalism represents us well.”

Darla Torkelsen
Founder & CEO


If you ask Darla Torkelsen founder and CEO of SpeechTherapyPD, about AOS, she’ll tell you the company has been an absolute game-changer for their conferences and website. 

“Before implementing AOS, securing sponsors was a constant challenge, and we faced limited success. However, since hiring AOS, the results have been nothing less than astonishing. Our sponsorship levels have skyrocketed, increasing by over 1,000 times.”

In addition to working on sponsorship for conferences and partnerships agreements for SpeechTherapyPD, AOS successfully increased the company’s revenue and partnership agreements “that provide a mutually beneficial relationship and then representing our interests to achieve a solid contract,” says Torkelsen.

“AOS also acts as a source of industry information, trends and feedback and communicates back to us so we can adjust our marketing messages or products.”

Torkelsen is particularly impressed with Emily Tyler-Nowels, whom she says has been incredibly diligent in her work ethic.

“We were having difficulty getting many sponsors. Emily has created relationships with the right people in the right companies to get the job done. She has been incredible with follow through with every project she has tackled. She and the team are honest, knowledgeable, professional and get results.”

Torkelsen adds that the trust she places in AOS to represent her brand and company is unwavering. 

“AOS has an exceptional ability to understand our identity and values, delivering our message to potential sponsors with utmost clarity and professionalism. We highly recommend AOS to anyone seeking to elevate their sponsorship efforts.” 

Kevin Swartzendruber

San Joaquin Farm Bureau

Kevin Swartzendruber, editor of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau News says he’s had the pleasure of working with Association Outsource Services for many years, and that the AOS team’s expertise in selling advertising, sponsorships and corporate memberships has been invaluable to him and the organizations he has been associated with.

“Throughout my professional journey, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with AOS on multiple occasions, spanning four different organizations. In each instance, they have consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication and professionalism, going above and beyond to ensure our success.”

What truly sets AOS apart is the team’s unwavering commitment to excellence, he says. 

“No matter the task or challenge I have presented them, they consistently rise to the occasion, handling everything with utmost professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness.”

He is also very impressed with the AOS team’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with their strategic approach. 

“I took over the management of a publication that required a substantial increase in revenue to sustain its operations. Facing this critical financial challenge, I turned to AOS for their expertise in advertising sales, and they delivered outstanding results. The team displayed their prowess by tripling sales within the very first year. This remarkable feat not only provided the much-needed financial boost, but also ensured the publication’s viability and continued success.”

Swartzendruber also rates AOS’s interaction with the association’s members and clients as top notch saying their exceptional communication skills and ability to build strong relationships with clients and partners have been instrumental in fostering positive collaborations. 

“They possess a keen understanding of our organization’s needs and objectives, allowing them to tailor their strategies and efforts accordingly. Their dedication to delivering results is evident in every interaction and engagement.”

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